Viana is a Brazilian municipality with an estimate population of 65000.

We may never have another chance to talk in private.

I will visit my grandmother's house.

Shane would never ever do something like that.

Why should we believe you?

Lenny is three years behind Izchak at school.

I just don't agree with you.

Yes, it is the correct answer.

I'd rather not do it.

I wouldn't want to mess with Clara.

I heard you have a beautiful voice.

Everytime her husband looked at me, he almost asked me: "For what purpose have you come here?"

What did you mean?

I've lost my bag.

Can you tell us what the bank robber looked like?

Prices range from the low $30 to the high $50.

He didn't hear his name called.

I moved to Boston three weeks ago.


Joni went shopping with his family.

I've read about a hundred books so far.

I was on the list.


You're not anything like her.

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I just came by to say I'm sorry.

This is a personal matter.

"You're not being chased, are you?" Just as he said that in a quiet voice, the corner house's light went out. The rain became more intense...


Marco's strict.

I really hope things work out for you.

We'll sort this out tomorrow.

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She writes essays in addition to novels and poetry.

You're scaring me.

You have to take that into account.

It looks like they have a good head.

Rathnakumar was impatient to see Lex again.

Del could hear Randall sobbing in the next room.

He participated in the debate.

Unfortunately, the Internet gives extremists and intolerants of all persuasions an equal opportunity to portray wrongful and dangerous views.

I told you to keep that to yourself.


Because his family traveled from place to place, Cesar Chavez attended more than thirty schools as a child.

Everyone's different.

I'll buy a watch for my son.


Leonard has baked a pie for dessert.

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What makes you so sure about that?

I can employ you in my business.

I only had three left.

Bush knows what justice means.

She is guilty of stealing.

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Triantaphyllos has already paid.

You can let him go now.

OK, I'll bite.

Everett was a little shocked.

Is there anything we can do to stop all this from happening?

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Please tell me you're not married.

Dominick doesn't have much energy today.

Nothing is so precious as health.


The farmer plowed his field all day.

They forced him to tell the truth.

We must select a suitable person for any post.


Perhaps Sonny can solve this problem.


Is Pradeep your kid?

I'll be there for sure.

You should loosen up.

We didn't want to begin without you.

Don't pussyfoot around the issue; do we have a problem, or don't we?

But what has this to do with birds!

It is a great privilege to be with you in Tatoeba.


I doubt that Vidhyanath knows Jong's phone number.

Why are you cutting up the meat?

probitas maxima virtus est.

I certainly will miss it.

Hienz and Gerard went caving.

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Since the computer here can't change the system, I can't do anything.

Team sports are very popular.

Sometimes my fingers type something other than what my brain dictates.

Get some tofu on the way back.

Do you know how much it costs to get to Boston from here?

How long do you think we'll have to wait?

I'm absolutely burnt out.

They wanted to take pictures of Kyoto.

Somebody's coming up the stairs.

Apple is an American company.

I found it necessary to get up early every morning.


About 80 million bacteria are transferred during a 10 second kiss.


I'm really worried about her.

He had to share his bedroom with his brother.

Act like you were from those we can not quickly make a maker of unsuccessful ones.

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I am looking for a good hotel.

Make him feel that he is still someone important.

Have you talked to them?

He was made much of at school.

See to it that such a thing does not happen again.

His first great work was created when he was involved with the guerillas.

This will have to wait.

You were the only person that was ever nice to me.

Sheep need to be kept dry for two days before shearing to enable the fleece to be removed and pressed once the sheep have been shorn.

I will never follow thee.

What are you going to say to Tomas?

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I think maybe you're right.

What are the lyrics to that song?

Jenine wasn't healthy.


Major will come.

His proposal is not worth talking about.

Nothing had really changed.

It is pleasant to shave off my beard.

Why aren't they back?

Roxie is a special-needs child.

Does Kristin work for Page?

What is your opinion?

The street has been closed.


Russell is really having a good time.

Sunil is good at French.

I'll go talk to him.

He solved every problem.

This bolt fits this nut.


Suresh's not answering his phone.


I did what I was asked.

This is my account book.

Samuel and Deirdre got married in a Catholic church.


I got a big pay raise.

The report released to the public was heavily redacted.

There is gruel.

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Would you please help me with this?


The old man walked with a stick.

A second cousin is the granddaughter of the brother or sister of a grandparent.

I know the artist who painted this picture.

Jarmo was waiting.

What does she think about the conference results?

The tires of this car don't have enough air in them.

One hair of a woman draws more than a team of oxen.

We need heroes.

Apparently, Rahul is very good at chess.

He had to think for himself.

Joel put two slices of bread into the toaster and pushed down on the lever.

Our Japanese teacher is very nice to us.

Val is playing with wooden blocks.

I'll be alone.

I put a new handle to the door.

Were you fat when you were in high school?

Do any of you guys want anything else?

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I didn't eat all the fries because they were too oily.

I won't fail.

Are there enough people?

I'm sorry I couldn't get to you sooner.

Both Walter and Eliot are in the living room, watching television.

You can trust him. He'll never betray you.

I burnt my hand while pouring hot water.


Teach judo to me.

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We have to leave it there.


The rule requires that theses be written in English.

What was there to see?

I hope you know what you're getting us into.

It's time for a vote.

All of a sudden, the clerk lost his temper.


I was wondering if you've had a chance to look at the schedule yet.

I drink water.

I am not proud of this.


Winning a lottery is an easy way of making money.


I've a lot of work for tomorrow morning.


They call it an English grammar book; I call it an arduous, soul-draining and depressing experience pushing the limits of human patience.

She allowed him to kiss her.

Did you make anything I can start on now?

They should've known that this would happen.

I've never won anything before.


What did Charles Jackson invent?

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Regarding the matter of house-rent, I have come to terms with him.